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Inflight Transmedia?

Audio created by Untravel for first-ever location-based in flight app "MondoWindow". The above audio piece on "Border Blasters" explains the history behind the many radio towers passengers will see dotting the the flight path from the West Coast to Texas.

Transmedia On Airplanes
With 1/3 of US flights wi-fi enabled and most to follow suit, it seems that the airplanes will be fertile ground for innovative applications. For Untravel, the key word is "ground", as we love handheld apps that direct your attention to the world around you and that is exactly what author Gregory Dicum did with his "Window Seat" book series. These books give airline passengers, especially those looking out the window, information on the land patterns, cloud formations, and social history of the landscapes below popular flight paths. The book series is now a company, www.mondowindow.com, which is developing a range of in flight apps and has tapped Untravel to develop its initial multimedia content. The project is Transmedia in its migration from book to location-based app to television (hopefully) and how the three complement each other.

Challenges and Solutions

Map of flight paths from major cities to Austin, TX for SXSW 2011.
Untravel worked with this geographic information to find stories that would be visible from the airplane window for passengers from both East and West coast cities.

• Turn human and natural land masses into storytelling stages.
• Develop stories that balance emotional and informational themes for SXSW digerati.
• Script, interview, edit, and deliver audio for an HTML5 app in 4 weeks.
• Explore storytelling strategies that can work for a range of audiences and guide a network of producers.

The Untravel Team successfully delivered the media on time and on budget for SXSW 2011 where the app was a big success, garnering interest from major airline carriers and non-fiction television networks. Audiences raved about the audio's ability to entertain and inform and wanted more. New York Times article recognizes multimedia content as next frontier for the app and Mondo Window indicates long-term interest in working with Untravel.

Bonus Track
Here is a piece about modern day Mark Twains for those flying over the Mississippi River.









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