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In 2009, the Aquarium launched its “Live Blue” campaign to promote awareness and solutions to global marine climate change. In addition to web media and community activities, they challenged Untravel to create mobile videos that would enhance the exhibits with climate change stories.

“NEAq Blue Impact,” an eight-part mobile video guide to climate change as seen through specific animals and habitats housed at the Aquarium. The tour uses mobile video screens as overlays to exhibits, making climate change science and solutions immediate and understandable.

Will be released in Summer, 2009.

About the Client

The New England Aquarium, located in Boston, MA, is a leader in global conservation and research and is a popular tourist destination receiving 1.3 million visitors in 2006. Their CEO, Bud Ris, was a previous leader of The Union of Concerned Scientists and has led the Aquarium in a number of longitudinal environmental research projects. The Aquarium sees itself as a bridge between human and marine life and is constantly working to create exhibits and media that help audiences better understand ocean life. For this project, Untravel examined and integrated a number of scientific reports into an entertaining and accessible mobile guide.

Our Process

Storytelling Solution
"Blue Impact" is based on climate change charrettes conducted with Untravel producers and Aquarium staff, highlighting effective messaging and animal stories. Untravel then conducted interviews and further researched specific climate change issues to accurately portray an ever-expanding body of environmental studies.

Untravel then developed a five-part structure for each segment which involved:
  • Animation: Climate change science depicted as animations launching off an artistic globe.
  • Exhibit secrets: Tour directs the eye to unusual and revealing details within exhibits and ties them to climate change.
  • Expert Interviews: Deepen the scientific explanations and highlight local and innovative solutions.
  • Overlays: Video effects that allow your iPod to become a means of layering climate change science onto an exhibit.
  • Blue Waves: Student-narrated stories of innovative solutions to global warming.
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