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• Provide insight into one of Boston's most hotly-debated topics and biggest infrastructure projects of all time, the Big Dig, through a mobile media walk through the Fort Point neighborhood, which contains the "Missing Link" section of the dig that runs to the airport.
• Lauch the mobile guide for "Common Boston Weekend 09," a weekend-long festival with tours, discussions, and open buildings to engage the architecture and design community.
• Help users discover the process behind putting a highway under an existing city and its waterways with "spyglass" views through using your iPod.

"Walk the Dig," a 30-minute walk through the area of the Dig known as the "Missing Link" around South Boston's Fort Point neighborhood. The walk features interviews with Big Dig experts as well as inside information on the construction of Boston's biggest city planning projects. Untravel used the mobile guide as a "lens," allowing users to look through their iPod to investigate the inner workings of the Big Dig.

Walk the Dig was released for the Common Boston Weekend 09 festival in June. Visit commonboston.untravelmedia.com to view the tour and download for free to your iPod!

About the Client

Common Boston is a volunteer organization dedicated to expanding public awareness of the Boston area's built environment through interactive programs, to fostering collaboration between design professionals and those for whom they design, and to collectively shape a sustainable, equitable, beautiful built environment.

Our Process

Storytelling Solution
Untravel worked with local Big Dig experts to decide how to best tell the story of the construction of the underground highway. After deciding to focus on the area that runs under the Fort Point Channel and neighborhood in South Boston, we gathered information on the extremely intricate process of moving the highway underground and other details, such as how the Dig "breathes," and how they placed the highway tunnels under an existing body of water.

Wayfinding Solution
After collecting information and interviews, Untravel went out to seek the best route for walkers to see the areas of greatest change and also accessible areas that provide unique views of the neighborhood, such as the top floor of a parking garage near the Fort Point Channel. We also coordinated stopping points with our "overlays," which allow you to hold up your iPod to use as an investigative lens to explore inaccessible areas, such as below city streets and behind building walls.


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