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Take a stroll “Beyond the Yard” into Old Cambridge, the richly historic and surprisingly funky neighborhood along Brattle Street and the Charles River..


What is a Pallisadoe? Where did the revolutionaries leave their musket marks? How to discern different soul effigies? What does Phillip Johnson’s bachelor pad look like? Why is Brother Blue talking jazz?

This tour is a collage of voices: an etymologist monk, a street poet, an architecture historian, a park ranger, a placemaker, a folk singer, and many others strung together by the melodic ruminations of Meghan Day, recent Harvard Grad and Let’s Go writer. The tour features notable highlights such as the Longfellow National Historic Site, Cambridge Burying Ground, Christ Church, and JFK Park.

Approximate Walking Time: 60 minutes (short version) or 90 minutes (long version)

Prime Walking Hours: 9am-5pm. Longfellow house open in the summertime.


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FEATURED VOICES (in order of appearance)

Meghan Day, Narrator
Route 66 Blog for Let’s Go

Meghan is a 2006 graduate of Harvard College and is an avid writer, “word nerdologist,” and traveler. Her writings from route 66 were featured in Let’s Go.

Brother Blue, Street Poet and Performer
Blue’s Website

Brother Blue dresses in blue, from his socks to his beret to the butterflies painted on his palms. Brother Blue specializes in ecstatic, improvisational poetry and helps guide the footsteps of the soul throughout the tour. Check out his cable access show or his story hour on Tuesdays at 7pm.

Robert Healy, City Manager for the City of Cambridge
Website for City Manager
Robert Healy, the City's Chief Executive Officer, is an important supporter of tourism effort in Cambridge and lends his oratory skills as an ex-sports announcer to this project.

Ronald Lee Fleming, CEO of the Townscape Institute
Townscape Institute

Cambridge resident and expert in “placemaking.” His work focuses on the design of monuments that spark curiosity and promote exploration of history. He is one of the founders of the Cambridge Arts Council.

Eric Andersen, Singer-Songwriter

Eric Andersen reaches deep into the music history of Club Passim, recalling his early days in Cambridge, when the club was host of the budding folk scene with the likes of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez.

Warren “Renny” Little, Historian
Cambridge Historical Society

Renny lives in the historic “Robert Frost” house in Cambridge and is the former executive director of the Cambridge Historical Society. He is both a re-enactor of revolutionary and civil war history and debunker of popular Americana myths.

Louise Ambler and Stuart Forster, Christ Church
Christ Church, Cambridge
As the historian and music director, respectively, Louise and Stuart participate in a progressive Anglican church, with history dating before the American Revolution.

Brian Pfeiffer, Architecture Historian and Educator
Brian Pfeiffer

Brian lives along Brattle Street and is an expert in historic home repair. His rich, studied knowledge of building materials and architecture styles brings to life the art of houses along Brattle Street and in the Half Crown neighborhood. He is also a Lecturer at the Boston Architecture College.

Nancy Jones, Park Ranger, Longfellow National Historic Site
Longfellow National Historic Site

Nancy is a Supervisory Ranger with the Longfellow National Historic Site. She imparts her intimate knowledge of the myriad artifacts and stories of the house, along with a love of the liberating aspects of Longfellow’s work.

Renata von Tscharner, Executive Director, Charles River Conservancy
Charles River Conservancy

Renata loves the river and for many decades has been working to restore its water quality, recreational possibilities, and social viability. She lives close to Longfellow Park and shares her knowledge of the river history and lovely details.

Brother Kevin Hacket, Press Liason, Monastery of Society of Saint John the Evangelist
SSJE Monastery
Brother Hacket shares Meghan’s love of word history and love of holy spaces. He walks us through a gem of Cambridge, the public worship space of the Monastery on the Charles River.

CG Joseph Milano, Honorary Consul-General for Thailand
Royal Thai Consulate, Boston

General Milano is fascinated with Thai culture and was instrumental in bringing recognition to the birthplace of longest reigning monarch in the world, and the only monarch who is an American: His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand.

Sharon Crumrine, Soundtrack
Music and Website

Sharon is a Cambridge resident who started playing piano at age 6 and only started composing later in life, working from her classical and experimental roots. She is currently working on musical projects with several bands and composing like mad.

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