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Ever since its founding in the 17th century, Boston’s residents have built and rebuilt, putting new buildings and streets where the old ones once lay.



The city’s streets are a constantly evolving, mutating entity, an amalgam of the old and the new. Downtown Boston is full of secret passageways and tight pedestrian alleys. The ghosts of Colonial Boston are preserved in these little known relics from the past.

Approximate Walking Time: 1 hour

Prime Walking Hours: 9am-5pm. Some of the alleyway gates are closed at night. You are given directions around locked gates, so a nighttime tour is also very interesting.


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Bob Sloane, Walks Manager

Sasha Mandel, the producer of "Little Lanes" worked closely with WalkBoston to develop the route and history of the tour. WalkBoston is a non-profit that promotes walking as both a form of transportation and education.


Nancy Seasholes, Author of Gaining Ground
Nancy is a wonderful local historian, specializing in Boston's filled-in land. She has written two books on the subject available through the MIT Press.

Robert Taylor, Architect and Principal
Taylor & Burns Architects

Robert works and marvels in Downtown Crossing. He specializes in the design of public assembly places. Check out some of their cool projects here.


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