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Journey to the West End neighborhood to walk the remains of one of the most famous waves of urban renewal to hit America.



This tour delves into the history of landmaking in Boston and the events that led to the forced displacement of 12,000 Bostonians in the late 1950’s. Former residents Bruce, Jim, Joe, Bruno, Richie, Jerry, and Marvin convey the cultural richness that was the West End, while historians, architects, and government officials struggle with the lessons learned from this urban planning disaster.

Approximate Walking Time: 60-90 minutes

Prime Walking Hours: 9am-5pm weekdays if you wish to enter the Boston Redevelopment Authority. Otherwise, tour at your own desire!


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James Campano, President of the West End Museum and Publisher of The West Ender
The West End Museum

James Campano, who once threw a molotov cocktail at a crane that was knocking down his neighbors' tenements,, has devoted his life to preserving the history and legacy of Boston's original West End. The West Ender newspaper has a national circulation, and the The West End Museum, a stop along the route, provides a thorough history lesson through photos, bricks, and steel, all once part of Boston's greatest neighborhood.

Prataap Patrose, Deputy Director of Urban Design
Boston Redevelopment Authority

Mr. Patrose presents the Boston Model Room in the BRA office to visiting students on a regular basis. Through this model and his work, he provides a look at the past, and a view of Boston's future.

David Kruh, Boston Historian and Author
David has written several books on the history of Boston, including two on Boston's former entertainment district: Scollay Square. He provides insight into the political, social and economic history of Boston in the 40's, 50's, and 60's. To plunge deeper into the area's history, please visit his media-rich Scollay Square website.

Alex Krieger, Architect, Author and Professor, Harvard University
Chan Krieger Sieniewicz - Architecture and Design

Shirley Kressel, Founder, Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods
Alliance of Boston Neighborhoods

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