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This is a mini-tour (45 minutes) that features voices, detailed images, and interactive media that takes you into the ideation, construction, and art of Frank Gehry's Cambridge masterpiece.



The tour gives you an appreciation of the MIT voice present in the building and its fascinating features such as microclimates and delicate Moiré patterns on the polished steel of the "Nose". Interviews include Ray and Maria Stata, Prof. William J. Mitchell, Prof. Chris Terman, Gehry Associates' Dennis Sheldon, and other MIT personalities. The tour is highly interactive, including quizzes and customizable walking paths.

Approximate Walking Time: 60 Minutes (40 Minutes Exterior, 20 Minutes Interior)

Prime Walking Hours: 9am-5pm to go inside of the Stata Center. Anytime for the exterior portion.


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Video: Tour Preview

Mouse over the image above to view a video sample of the Untravel MIT Stata tour.


Anna Wexler and Nadja Oertelt, Narrators
Anna and Nadja are filmmakers and graduates of MIT (class of 2007).

Ray & Maria Stata, Building Donors
Mr. Stata is a cofounder and Chairman of the Board of Analog Devices Inc. The Stata's generosity and conviction made it possible for Frank Gehry to build on MIT's campus.

William J. Mitchell, Professor of Architecture and Media Arts and Sciences, MIT
Imagining MIT - Designing a Campus for the Twenty-First Century
Mr. Mitchell directs the
Smart Cities research group at MIT's Media Lab.. He has published several books on architecture, including Imagining MIT, a book about the building boom on MIT's campus.

Chris Terman, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of EECS
Chair of the Client Committee, Mr. Terman acted as a liason between faculty, staff, and Frank Gehry's office. He has a great understanding and appreciation for the Stata Center's design and structure.

Nancy Joyce, Building Project Director and Author
Building Stata - The Design and Construction of Frank O. Gehry's Stata Center at MIT
Ms. Joyce worked as the Project Manager for MIT during the construction the Stata Center, and has since been asked by Frank Gehry's office to work on future projects. Her book, Building Stata, contains 300 color photographs fully detailing the building's construction.

Dennis Sheldon, Chief Technology Office, Gehry Technologies
Gehry Technologies
Mr. Sheldon has brought many of Frank Gehry's designs to reality through 3D modeling software technology. His use of CATIA allowed for a virtual Stata Center to endure earthquake and wind simulations. This use of airplane and automobile modeling software for architectural purposes is now being used around the world by architects.

Jessica Banks, former PhD Student, Robotics Lab
Ms. Banks explains how Gehry understood the needs of MIT students, through her experiences in the Robotics Lab, located in the "nose" of the Stata Center.

Leonardo Bonanni, Media Lab PhD Candidate and Architect
Mr. Bonanni brings his appreciation for the building to the Untravel MIT Stata Center tour, elaborating on how Frank Gehry made sure that his radical design reflected the structures and environment that surrounds it.


"This Media Tour is a great idea!"
"There should be a similar tour of the entire MIT Campus!"
"I wish I had more time!"
"Excellent audio and video explanations of what I was seeing!"
Comments from Alumni Weekend, June 2007
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